Home Stay In Nepal

Home stay In Nepal is a kind of most popular Bed and Breakfast that visitors could experience. Guest is invited in private house to stay with the family. Nepal is the great travel destination for most of the travelers in the world. Since it has opened for tourist in mid 20th.  You can experience the great diversified landscape, people, culture vary from different ethnic group.  If you wish to explore the Nepalese people directly home stay is the best idea. Touching with the people day to day life makes you as a part of it. As of your interest you can choose your preferred place for home stay if it’s available for foreigner.

As the village life is the most impressive and attractive to enjoy. You can witness agriculture, farming, and daily lives of the people and the weather of that area. Visitors will get to share the real experience of Nepal and Nepalese people through staying with local people. Home stay is not all about food and accommodation on local countryside house. It’s the exchange of culture, custom, ideas, skills, Techniques. You can learn the local language that your host family or the locality speaks and in the other hand you can share your skill about health, sanitation, housekeeping, interior setup etc.