Nagarkot Hiking Tour

Nagarkot Tour
Trip Introduction
Nagarkot hiking tour or Hill (2175m) is a well known hill for Tourists who arrive in Nepal. Nagarkot is positioned at 32 km, East part of Kathmandu at an elevation of 2,175m. Nagarkot is famous for viewing the sunrise from the hill which will tenders eternally stimulating recollection of the stately panoramic vision of the Himalayan array as of Dhaulagiri in the west and Mount Everest in the East. On the way to Nagarkot, you can view the remarkable and artistic settlement at Changunarayan temple. The starting and ending point for Nagarkot Hiking Tours is Kathmandu.  Nagarkot Hiking Day Tour covers an elevation of 900m to 2,175m and its hiking grade is easy with no any trouble.  The trip types are known as hiking and sightseeing. The best thing about Nagarkot Hiking Tour is you can plan the hiking throughout the whole seasons. Nagarkot Hiking Tour can be started by hiking from Nagarkot village.

Nagarkot Hiking Tour is counted as hiking hiking hiking, where you will get sufficient time for hiking into the typical villages, terraces and Pine forests. You can even view the Bhaktapur Village which is extremely close to you and the beautiful Kathmandu Valley at the far distance from Changunarayan temple.  You will have the artistic and comfortable with local touch hotel in Nagarkot.  Likewise, other highlights of hiking at Nagarkot Hiking Tour are traditional newari mores of Shankhu, a unique way of terrace farming, fabulous observation of mountains, roaming around the oldest temple of Changunarayan.  Similarly, the journey from Kathmandu to Nagarkot will make you view the Mountains like Gaurishankar, Everest ranges, Langtang and Dorje Lhakpa. You will feel yourself as a lucky one where you will perceive those Himalayas without any turmoil.

Nagarkot Hiking Tour is not positioned in isolated places nor it is situated in far remote areas but then it is succeed to preserve its own archetypal lifestyles just like the thatched houses, colored with yellowish-brown, hand-hewn by local craftsmen. The native do not used modern materials to decorate their houses rather they use their garden by garnishing seasonal vegetables along with beautiful flowers which creates very pleasant atmosphere. An initial section of the hiking includes an encounter of culture and in the later section you will be more closed with the nature as the hiking trail leads you towards the amazing forests. The hiking takes slow but sure downward and moderately stage trail which will consumes nearly 4 hours to arrive at Cahngu Narayan temple, which is listed by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage Sites. Here, you will get to examine the aged women who are still weaving traditional textile, handmade paper production. Except that you will be pleased seeing the wood carving, Thanka painting, crafting pottery and sculpting.

Tourist Link Treks and Expedition has encompasses Nagarkot Hiking Tour as a Nepal tour itinerary where you will be gratified seeing the views of sunrise as well as encountering traditional and ancient temples with museums so that you can get lots of information.
Taking light breakfast early in the morning, our guide will then take you for a pleasant day tour. Drive from Kathmandu to shakhu by car, it takes 1 hour, hiking around 5hrs / elevation 2175m / and derive to Kathmandu (2hrs)

Cost Includes:

 - All ground transportation by private car
 - Entrance fee for sightseeing places
 - Tour Guide
 - 1 lunch 

Cost Excludes:
 - Alcoholic/luxury drinks and Private expenses



Equipments List
In our fully supported wilderness treks we provide the following equipment: extensive first aid, toilet paper, private transport to & from the trek, conservation fees, and other goodies.

  • 1 Pair of hiking boots
  • 1 Day backpack 
  • 1 Down Jacket/Gore tax Jack
  • 2 Long sleeve T-shirts
  • 1 Water bottle 


Having spent 7 days with tourist link treks, I can honestly say that it was one of the most enjoyable, memorable life experiences I have ever had. It was my second time in Nepal and decided to go on a trekking/ jungle safari expedition. Wild is not the world. Although at times it was difficult and exhausting, I have n regrets in making the decision.
Last time I used tourist link treks services I took a tour around Tibet, which was out of this world. The service of the tour guides and their expertise knowledge of the areas we covered was amazing, and the team of people I was with was equally as great. Which is why I decided to use tourist link trek again for my next Nepalise adventure.
Since I had such a fun time on the last trip I decided to stick to trekking, and I’d heard from a friend of mine that the jungle safari was something that I would have really enjoyed. And they certainly were not wrong! I enjoyed every minute of it, and got some of the most amazing pictures I have ever taken. We rode on elephants for the duration of the time and came across wild like left right and center. Never have I been so close to these wild beings without there being some kind of cage, but being on top of an elephant I guess is the next safest thing lol..
So the safari was followed up AFTER the 25 days of trekking in Kanchenchunga, which as you can imagine was very tiring, but certainly enjoyable. The fresh air there was so nice, but my feet certainly payed the price. I had unfortunately acquired some rather large blisters on my right foot but carried on non the less. But let’s just say that I was relieved to spend the last part of the trip riding around on the back of an elephant lol..
All in all though I wouldn’t trade the experience I had with the team for anything! The people, the weather, the scenery was just simply amazing, and I feel that there are many more fun filled adventures to have with tourist link treks in the coming years, and I can’t wait!

Anna Nadia Bandura

Anna Nadia Bandura From Poland

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Having always fantasized about visiting Tibet, I decided recently to make my wish a reality. Having visited Nepal before and done some different treks with different trekking companies, I stumbled across Tourist Link Treks & Expedition (P.) LTD. A friend of mine had recommended them as being the cheapest most reliable tour company out of many others, and since I valued his judgment greatly I decided to give them a shot. Well, I certainly was not disappointed to say the least. I couldn’t believe the quote I got from them with everything included. It was nearly half the price! Of what I’d plan to budget for. At first the offer sounded abit too good to be true, but going with my gut instincts, my friends advise and the warm friendly reception I was greeted with other the phone with them, I decided to go for it. The tour consisted of a direct flight to the neighboring mountains, and a trek around the peaks of the Tibetan peaks. I knew I was amongst one of the wonders of the world where I was and had my camera on stand by to capture some of the most breath taking shots I have ever taken. There where moments where time just seemed to stand still, where the wild life seemed so in balance with its surroundings that we appeared to blend into their eco system. No fear, no negative vibes, just being, for as far as the eye could reach. A translucent depiction of what life is supposed to be like, or how it once was. Something was telling me, ‘this is how its supposed to be’
When your amongst such beauty, caught in a realm of timelessness, it is easy to get lost in what it is your doing. And when the hand on my shoulder was softly felt by the guide, it was back to reality I stumbled to.
Joe wakefield

Joe wakefield From Uk

Saturday, November 4th, 2017

I had an awesome trip, great price the best guide (Nigma Sherpa) and very strong happy porter. I did EBC kala pather, Gokyo, Gokyo RI good food good accommodation.   Learnt so much about the mountains, climbing the mountains, treated like a king. A very big thank you to Nigma sherpa always felt safe and in good hands thanks for organizing a great trip Hom at a great price.
Scott Blake

Scott Blake From Australia

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

My hasband and i am from Germany , we booked the poonhill trek with Tourist Link Treks . Our guide Elmi was really great , he told us lot of about Nepali culture , the life in the hills and about the Flora and Fanna . He cared a lot about us and always went into the Kitchens in the tea houses where we stoped to eat and drink to check whether everthing  was clean and well prepared .
Compared to the other guide , Elmi was really well prepared and equipment after the 4th day . I went sick and Elmi gave me medicine and managed to shorten our trip . He even carried my backpack when i was very weak . All we were very satisfied with our guide and the trek . The view from poonhill was amazing , Elmi explaned all the Mountain we could see . so it was a great pleasure and a very good choice 
Best regards : Julia & Sascha Michely 
julia & Sascha Michely

julia & Sascha Michely From Germany

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

We , two girls of arround 25 from the Netherlands , booked the Langtang Trek with Tourist Link Trek . we hired a guide and a porter , who took a lot of work out of our hands . The Langtang Trek was very beautiful and our guide had a lot of hummer . He made a new plan when one of us had an injury (ankle) , which was very nice . He told us about local traditional , mountain , animals ,history and local alcohol .
Our porter was never tired , he walked from our endpoint back to carry our other bags .
In short , amazing trip , good organisation .
Kind regards , Maartje and emmely
Maartje Verhoeven and Emmely Vender Steen

Maartje Verhoeven and Emmely Vender Steen From Netherlands

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Personally , i don't have that much experience with guide but i know that Raju is am 'A' calss guide , i'm almost certain that guy saved my life or ( my eyes feet etc ) my life times, he's a hardworking guy that will put all his effort on it to keep you going and to make you as comfortable as possible .
Handrik de peeker

Handrik de peeker From Holland

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

To Hom and Niraj ,
                               Thank you for an excellent and memoriable journey to the Everest Base camp .The itinerary was well planned and guide is very knowledge and attractive .

This is a trip of A lifetime and worth every ....much thanks and until next time , Will zeng

Will Zeng

Will Zeng From Australia

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

We had a trip organized by Tourist link from KTM to Langtang for 8 days . The price was excelent and we had great experience with our poter \ guide Elmi . He was a fantastic guide , helping us catch our bus in Ktm . All the way throught the trek until . We were back into Tourist link trek office in Ktm . Our trip was well organized , convenient and very enjoyable . I would recommend Tourist Link without a doubt !! Many Thanks  
Mark Stanley armstrong

Mark Stanley armstrong From Canada

Friday, September 12th, 2014

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Trip Departure : Everyday
Activities : Hiking Tour
Mode of Travel : Transport+Trek
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Destination : Nepal

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