Visa Information In Nepal

 Visa information in Nepal
Visa Information in Nepal, when you can get on arrival visa on several entry places of Nepal. If you come direct by air you can get on arrival visa at Tribhuvan International Airport the only international airport of Nepal.  By road if you come through Tibet you can get on arrival visa at Tatopani border sindupalchok. If you come through India there are several border entry place depending from where you want to enter Nepal. You can enter from Kakarvitta eastern Nepal, Birjunj south straight from Kathmandu , Bhairawa sunuali  from western Nepal and you can enter Nepalgunj and Gaddachauki in the far west Nepal. You also can precede your visa from Nepalese embassy or Consonant office. Visit to Nepal very easy. Entry Visa in Nepal, You have to get visa when you will entry in Nepal.  
Payment System:
You can obtain your visa with convertible cash like Us dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, euro, swiss franc, Pound sterling, Hongkong dollar, Singapore dollar and Japanese yen.
Credit card, Indian currency, Nepali rupee are not accepted for the method of payment.
1: Tourist visa

Visa facilities Duration Fees
Multiple entry 15 days US 25$ or equivalent
Multiple entry 30 days US 40$ or equivalent
Multiple entry 90 days US 100$ or equivalent

2: SAARC Nation free visa
For the first visit in one visa year (Jan/Dec) 30 days free visa is available for SAARC nation country like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka . However the visa can be extended from the office of immigration after the payment for visa fee for the extended days.
2: For Chinese Nation
recently the government issued new visa rule for Chinese tourist. You don’t have to pay visa fee for 15/30 days. After that you can extend with visa fees.
3: For Indian Nation
Indian nation doesn’t require visa to enter Nepal. As per Nepalese immigration you need to have one of the following identity cards like.
Driving license with photo
Ration card with photo
Election commission card with photo
Identity card issued by the Embassy of India in Kathmandu
4: more Information
National from Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Ethiopia, Liberia, Somalia, Syria, Cameron, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Nigeria need to check from Nepal embosses , Diplomatic mission in their respective country . As they couldn’t obtain on arrival visa.
5: visa extension
Tourist can stay maximum of 150 days in visa year (Jan 01/Dec 31)